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What is The LOUD Girl Movement?

The LOUD Girl Movement is an inspirational project that examines, rethinks and reshapes the “LOUD Black girl” stereotype. “Boisterous.” “Opinionated.” “Too talkative.” These traits have often been negatively associated with Black women and girls. The constant pressure to conform may make LOUD Girls second-guess their natural instinct to speak up. But using the voice is a strength.

The LOUD Girl Movement encourages Black women and girls to use their voices emphatically and unapologetically. Here, at, we provide a safe space for LOUD Girls to discover, acknowledge and embrace their authentic selves— their LOUD. We will crank out fresh stories about being LOUD, head up dope discussions and affirm what LOUD Girls are feeling.

The project dispels the myth and celebrates the gift of being LOUD.


Who is a LOUD Girl?

A LOUD Girl is a Black girl or woman who is LOUD in voice and spirit. She speaks up for the voiceless and for what is right. She is creative. Straightforward. Bold. Vibrant.

She is passionate and loves passionately. Sometimes misunderstood. Oftentimes “extra.”

She is intriguing and happy (unless she is suppressing her LOUD.) LOUD Girls are on quests through life. But always end up proudly standing firm in her ability to use her voice.

Who Created The LOUD Girl Movement?

Hello! My name is Thysha M. Shabazz, and I am a self-proclaimed LOUD Girl. While growing up in Virginia, I, or rather my big mouth as my brother would say, often challenged the status quo. I quickly learned you can be penalized for stepping outside boundaries and for just being one’s LOUD self. I have worked in media as a journalist and an on-air reporter before becoming a publicist and an event producer. My personal and professional experiences inspired me to establish the LOUD Girl Movement.

Being LOUD has been a gift. It’s allowed me to use my voice every day to become a successful social entrepreneur and to assist others.

Being LOUD is your gift too. I want to give you the tools to develop your strategy to win so you can put your positive and unique stamp on the world. When I’m not helping others, you can catch me somewhere in the world being LOUD or at home in Harlem.

Thysha M. Shabazz
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