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Listen, I know what’s keeping you up at night....


  • Challenges at your job?

  • Constantly dealing with notes about your delivery?

  • You feel like you don’t know "what" to say


Then you question yourself?


"Maybe this is my problem, it’s me."


"I just need to watch what I say!"  

I have been there! I was not confident in my voice for years!


I did it when:

  • I was fired from my media job in my 20s

  • When my biggest client ever told me to “pull out my inner white girl,” code word for: "shut up!”

  • When I was at the board room table and afraid to speak up

Then I STOPPED and my life changed. 


What changed?


I learned voice confidence. 


Let me teach you - voice confidence in VOICE School!

In VOICE School I teach women how to use their voices to get what they want, despite stereotypes around our voices.


In Voice School you will also learn...

  • How to get what you want using your voice!

  • Express yourself without feeling like you are being seen as negative or combative

  • State your ideas effectively and confidently so you can get the promotion, the title and the bag!

  • Release all negative spiritual ties to your voice

  • How to earn respect and be taken seriously

  • Assert your opinions with confidence

  • Understand clearly that a lot of the beliefs about your voice are not your beliefs and are not true!

  • You will walk away with tools (email templates, coaching, a community and strategies) to use your voice to accomplish the goal that you want!

  • Be unafraid to speak up!


See you in class!

Using my voice fully,


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