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Celebrate the Gift, the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, was incomparable. Period.

The LOUD Girl Movement is celebrating her and her gift to the world – her voice – with the top 3 ways she was a LOUD Girl.

Check it out below the clip.

As a musical prodigy, Aretha Franklin has been schooling people on how to love and be loved since she stepped into the world of music, with hits like “Respect,” “Think,” “Something He Can Feel,” “Freeway of Love” and more.

She not only used her voice to sing, she used it as a tool for the liberation of our people. Popularly, she paid Angela Davis’ bond. In addition, Franklin made the point in her autobiography that her 1967 rendition of the song “Respect” – recorded shortly after the Civil Rights Act was passed – was “the need of a nation.”

She was unapologetic when it came to upholding a bar of excellence for the art of SOUL music and had time to gather and snatch edges about it if need be. She once told an interviewer when asked about her thoughts of Taylor Swift – “Ooookay, great gowns, beautiful nice gowns.” All shade given. No lies detected. We appreciate her Black Aunty honesty, always served with a flick of her blow out.

We send Auntie Franklin and her family love and light at this time.

May she rest in Power.

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