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I Am A LOUD Girl: Singer Tamara Jade talks loving her LOUD

Hey LOUD Girls!

The Team at LOUD Girl Movement loves a good song, and we love a wondrous voice even more!

If you’ve been keeping up with LOUD on Instagram and via our e-blast, you’ll know that we have been captivated by Singer Tamara Jade ever since we saw her perform in Antigone in Ferguson, and have been sharing her LOUD ever since.

Singer Tamara Jade. Photo: Courtesy of @TamaraJadeMusic Instagram

We recently caught up with Tamara Jade for a quick chat about her LOUD, following her recent entry in the NPR Tiny Desk Contest. Check out the interview and her performance of “Prove Me Wrong,” in the video below.

Singer Tamara Jade performing Prove Me Wrong. Keys: James Ashe. Guitar: Jay Rojas. Bass: Mike Smith. BGVs: Sabrena Wright, Donavyn DeAngelo, PNMA. Video: ANF Productions.

LOUD Girl Movement (LGM): Why do you consider yourself a LOUD Girl? Why do you love your LOUD?

Tamara Jade: I’m actually a loud person in volume because I’m a singer. I’ve been called “loud” my whole life, and it used to feel like an insult based on me not wanting to be the center of attention. But now, I’m okay with being the loud one because I have important things to say. My LOUD is Light!

LGM: How does your voice show up in your work?

Tamara Jade: The obvious answer is that because I sing, my voice shows up in my work. There are a lot of people who sing but they aren’t saying anything. My voice is my opportunity to use my LOUD to effect change. I get to use my voice to challenge peoples’ thinking, to impact how people feel, and most importantly, to heal them. That’s a gift that I don’t take for granted!

Tamara Jade. Photo: Sitazen Blake Photography, Courtesy of @TamaraJadeMusic Instagram

LGM: Where are you going?

Tamara Jade: To a platform where my voice will impact the culture and the world at large! I don’t care about fame; to be honest, I don’t even care about popularity...I care about influence! So, I guess, I’m going to the world!

LGM: Are there any obstacles associated with your voice?

Tamara Jade: Chiiiiiiillllle! I literally have experienced in the past year, times where I speak when I should be quiet; and also, people wanted to silence my light (voice) because they haven’t found theirs. So my current obstacle is preserving my joy and my light so that no matter what external forces - hardship, illness, family, relationships, negative “nancies”, etc. - are at work.

LGM: What would you tell your 15 year-old LOUD Self?

Tamara Jade: Listening is crucial to being heard! It’s okay to not have it all figured out but it’s not okay to dull your light to make anyone else feel more comfortable shining. Don’t shrink! Shrinking is not the same as knowing when to take a step back to listen to the still, small, voice inside of you.

And, THESE HOES AINT LOYAL!! [Laughs] No matter how much you attempt to dim your light for others, it doesn’t make them want to reignite your flame and that’s not their responsibility! Not a man! Not a friend! Not your family!

Shine bright baby girl and SOAR!!


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