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Remixing what an angry Black woman looks like

Show me an “Angry Black Woman” and I’ll show you a phenomenal LOUD Girl.

LG Quote Card - Amandla Stenberg

We at LOUD Girl Movement love the raw, unadulterated expressions of Black women and girls because it has the power to give us the same type of freedom (that we all want and need).

We’ve noticed a few conversational undertones via social media that give light to people whom also appreciate the voices of LOUD Girls, and of course, those who don’t. Literally, the more Black women and girls elevate themselves mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically; and express or acknowledge an issue that effects us all and are showered with praise and appreciation for it, there is a troll with a trope.

For instance, the more we see studies that Black women are the most educated group in America, folks actually attempt to clap back with inaccurate stories to dismiss them.

Another undertone that exists is people (*ahem* Black women) are taking notice that more and more, researchers are releasing study after study of things Black women, like Eartha Kitt (regarding effects of war on our youth), Julia Anna Cooper and Ida B. Wells (regarding feminism), have been addressing for centuries as if their thoughts, ideas and words meant nothing at the time.

We’re not fighting egregious crimes against humanity because it feels good. We do it because it negatively affects us. Like anyone else, we’ve educated ourselves about issues that are most relevant to us to combat them in effective ways.

When Black women and girls discuss rape, racist white supremacy and state-sanctioned violence against our innocent children, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, etc., instead of proving us wrong the usual suspects – trolls, bigots, misogynists, etc. – join the conversation in ways that further prove our points.

Why the backlash? Why do people join the conversation – in ways that further prove our points – with comments and questions like, “Who hurt you?,” “Why are you so angry?,” and “Get over it!” It’s simple: they are insecure and are threatened by our very existence.

Realize for every single issue that negatively affects Black women, there is a plethora of other groups of people also marginalized by the very same things. When we stand up and fight for our own freedom those groups benefit from our success.

So when Black women and children are attacked with behemoth propaganda campaigns that label us in ways unbecoming to other groups who share that same oppression – instead of working with us to overcome those issues, those groups distance themselves from us.

Fortunately, a LOUD Girl has never needed anyone to co-sign for us to move forward in action. Which is why, along with those undertones, Black women have no f**ks to give about labels, white tears or any other issues folks raise about our expression. We continue to serve seats and shut down trolls with our honest, educated and unapologetic selves. We are no longer affected by failed attempts to attack our integrity, dignity and character with the “angry black woman” stereotype because much like Ronald Reagan’s “Welfare Queens” trope – it only existed as a means to silence the truth.

So here we are, proud LOUD Girls, using our voices and remixing what an angry Black woman looks like by continuing to boldly, passionately and unapologetically speak the truth.

LaToya English

Editor | LOUD Girl Movement

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