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Spring’ing in LOUD Girl Style: The ways LOUD Girls express their voice via style

It’s Spring!

I caught up with some busy, bold and badass LOUD Girls to learn how their style reflects their LOUD, and let’s just say, April showers brought early May flowers in these beautiful bright ones.

Check out how they style their LOUD below.

Thysha Shabazz | LOUD Girl Movement Creator | @ThyshaMShabazz

Style is an expression of who I am, my personality, and of course, my LOUD. My style and the ways I adorn myself are reflections of how I view the world.

It is also a reflection of my voice because it literally is my voice. I am talking to you, I am saying something through it…

My style is so important because it speaks to my individuality. Identity and defining oneself is how I think people break free from the bondage that the world has placed upon them or what they have placed upon themselves. It’s one of the many paths to how we learn who we truly are – which is amazing!

Shea Zephir | ART Living Founder | @sheazephir

My style means creative freedom and the unspoken conversation. It means, “See Me” without me ever having to say so.

Depending on the day, there is usually something bold I rock with any outfit, particularly with accessories. I’ve been told I’m a rebel and I think that’s a subconscious energy that stays with me always.

For me style is the opportunity to define oneself in the most present tense. It evolves and changes but it always holds true to the core of who you are. My style is history, it’s culture, it’s a fusion of influences throughout my life.

Zakkiyah Ali | NYU Project Associate, Researcher and Schomburg Center Instructor | @doitgurl

My style means that I get to give on-lookers a little piece of my personality in every ensemble, accessory, shoe and color combination. It means that I have the option of speaking without using words, but you still get the point.

I think fashion always has a way of reflecting our voices, even more so because the items we wear are very intentional whereas when we use our words, we tend to censor ourselves a little more. Just like my voice, my style is articulate, strong, punctuated and intellectually provocative.

My style is important to me because it has evolved to become more of how I’d like to be perceived, especially as I have become more comfortable in my skin and with my shape – the weight gains and losses. Like my voice and personality, it is a display of my fluidity, but also my consistency and sustainability in my identity. And, I like that.

Aisha Diori | Events & Communications Dynamo | @glitteratieent

To me, my style means pushing the style boundaries as a plus size woman and makes me feel comfortable in my skin – whether that is setting the latest fashion trends, or using my creative mind on an adventure.

My style is my expression and I use it to showcase my larger-than-life personality and voice it without saying a single word.

Style is very important to me because it pulls your whole look together into a wonderful package and makes people pay attention to you no matter what size, gender or color you are. It speaks volumes when you can take over any room just by your personal style.

LOUD Girl style has spoken and it’s clear that Spring has sprung! Get in the groove of the season and strut your LOUD.

LaToya English

Editor, LOUD Girl Movement Blog

We’d love to see how your voice is reflected in your style! Share it with us via InstagramFacebook and Twitter using the hashtag #IAmALOUDGirl.

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