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Take care of your LOUD Self

It’s people out here really trying to harvest the Souls of Black women.

How can folks - on Beyonce’s internet, in 2018 - write and publish this blasphemy after almost a full trip around the Sun from when Activist and Me Too Movement Founder Ms. Tarana J. Burke - with braids down her back, wearing a full length fur in the middle of New York City's Times Square - dropped the ball that led America into 2019, as a means of recognizing her for her work (and said outlet even republished an article about it)?

THIS IS NOT ONLY ERASURE while on another tangent to rewrite history. This is folks working to redirect her, her attention, the work she’s doing, and everybody who knows (about) her and rides for her, to a false statement and visual that is null and void certified. I’m kind of in a split writing this because I don’t even want to direct attention to that article, but there’s no limit when it comes to speaking truth.

The team at LOUD Girl Movement always makes it a point to say, "take care of your LOUD self" knowing full well that a huge part of that statement is about PROTECTING YOUR ENERGY.

The fact that Burke has been doing life-changing work for more than a decade, followed by countless interviews, and after having served as a guest editor for a special ME TOO Edition of Essence Magazine has made her a perfect target for energy vultures. But not today.

We say take care of your self but as other women come to mind, we can take care of them too even if we only have our breath to speak a positive vibration.

If you’re reading, I hope you join me in affirming that Tarana J. Burke is always surrounded with protection against anything that may stand to harm her. Ase.

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