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Top 4 things that make LOUD Girls Magical

People everywhere have been privy to Black Girl Magic since the hash tag was coined in 2013 by CaShawn Thompson (which was quite a very LOUD thing to do, by the way). The term celebrates Black women and counteracts negativity by highlighting all the things Black women and girls do that are beyond belief and understanding.

Angela Peoples gets LOUD at Women's March on Washington. Photo: Kevin Banatte

We’re taking it to another level by highlighting the top four things that make LOUD Girls Magical:

Voice. The unapologetic voices of LOUD Girls are invaluable because like Fannie Lou Hamer, Shirley Chisholm and Ida B. Wells, we always speak up for the voiceless and for what is right in an unforgettably creative, direct and bold manner – that ignites positive change for us and others; (which makes a lot of folks mad). We do this not just for us but for but for everyone. Our voices are direct reflections of thought on the road to action, and LOUD Girls make no qualms about speaking up (invited or otherwise).

LOUD Girls Stand Out. LOUD Girls easily stand out in crowds due to their steadfast beliefs, creativity, vibrancy and boldness. LOUDness is expressed in a variety of ways such as adornment, style and via voice – just think, Solange.

LOUD Girls are allergic to groupthink. In a world where group-think seemingly rules and social media is chock-full of echo chambers, LOUD Girls are known for being the creators and innovators that inspire people to think differently about common, mainstream thought (i.e. #BlackGirlsRock, #BlackWomenDidThat, #OscarsSoWhite). This comes from our intellectual ingenious and our ability to see the big picture and put those thoughts to action.

LOUD Girls are fearless in standing alone. The experiences of Black women and girls are unique because we are tasked with overcoming obstacles that stem from both race and gender discrimination – that is, being both Black and being a woman – and because of that there have been many times when speaking our truth means standing alone. The magic of LOUD Girls is that we’re fearless in speaking out, even if it means being alone — i.e. Angela Peoples.

When it comes to being magical, you name it and LOUD Girls have it, and if you’re lucky you may be blessed to experience our magic firsthand at some point!

LaToya English

Editor, LOUD Girl Movement Blog

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