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Whenever Wherever Whatever

I am reminded of the Maxwell song, Whenever Wherever Whatever in these times.

Last week a family friend lost their father to COVID – 19.

It hit home.

I begin to feel the weight of it all, people are sick, this is real and this is a lot.

And, in that same vein I have to keep working – I am an entrepreneur. As well as so many other women -- the essential workers, the grocery store lady and the post woman.

And then on a FaceTime check-in with my friend, who is salary mind you – she shared she was feeling blue being in the house, bored and quarantining alone. I recommended to her an online meditation and course.

Then it hit me, everyone is feeling something. Salary or hourly worker, in the house or not.

Being on social media some people are saying all the things -- take this time to “write your best-selling book,” others are saying Netflix and chill – sidebar: have y’all watched Tiger King, my God! Others are saying, “get rest!”

For me when I got quiet with myself, (yes LOUD Girls get quiet) I heard Maxwell’s song, Whenever Wherever Whatever.

If you have the time -- this time is an opportunity to do exactly that – whatever you want, and what a blessing that is in itself.

If it’s sleep for you, for others - catching up on your favorite Netflix series or for some its taking that online course that they were always interested in and for the others it may be working because they have to.

There is a gentleness that should come with it all - whatever it is.

For me – its turning up the volume on all my projects and spending time being mindful of my eating, but I’m not hating on someone who is eating all the carbs -- and someone who is sleeping doesn’t have to hate on the person producing three new online courses an 4 new e-books (hint hint: that’s me, I am that person with the courses).

Nonetheless, I do know this for sure – there is a nudge inside us all, for some its telling us to be still and others it is saying loud and clear – do it.

Whatever it is, be gentle with yourself. Go inside and check your own personal temperature and with that then do, Whenever Wherever Whatever.

Thanks Maxwell.

LOUD and all,


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