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Working from Home... LOUD Girl Hacks

It is like week 100 of being quarantined, I am exaggerating - but you all get my point. For some of us working from home has its challenging so I am dropping a couple of gems to deal with “them people at your job,” while at home.

Highlight your finesse – this is on my favorites hacks that I always share with folks when I am coaching them about their voice and how they see their voice - show off! Yeah letting folks know sometimes is necessary - highlight your finesse and the things you do well.

When sending an email, add a nice pre note at the top of your email when you are delivering something – it affirms that you do what you set out to do.

Start emails off with:

“As promised”

“As requested” and

“As needed”

Let them know!

Boundaries – I am hearing from LOUD Girls out there that jobs are demanding more of them at home. Listen, a midnight email does not require a midnight response, okay?

Set times and boundaries that work for you -- and I know a lot of folks are concerned about keeping their jobs in this crisis, I can truly understand that - but don’t serve from a half empty cup and especially if you are tired emotionally or physically.

Be sure to carve out hours, lunch times, rest times and whatever else time you may need.

Clarity – because of the fumbles in miscommunication that can happen because folks are at home and on Zoom -- don’t be afraid to send a recap email after the call, it can go a little something like this.

“Per the meeting (or per the call) we discussed

X, Y and Z. “


“Just a re-cap I will be working on X, Y and Z.”

This keeps things clear, and allows you to be less stressed.

End your day with something – a glass of wine, a Twerk Workout (I tired Keaira Lashae - on YouTube the other day myself) or just the glory of closing the laptop down! Be gentle with yourself and end the day and give yourself some treat for enduring.

Let me know how y’all doing out there. And to all the folks who still have to go into the office we are sending you all super love in these times.

Drop me a word to let me know how you all are doing,

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