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The LOUD Girl Movement encourages Black women and girls to use their voices emphatically and unapologetically. The constant pressure to conform may make LOUD Girls second-guess their natural instinct to speak up. Here, at LOUD Girl Movement, we provide a safe space for LOUD Girls to discover, acknowledge and embrace their authentic selves — their LOUD. We crank out fresh stories about being LOUD, head up dope discussions and affirm what LOUD Girls are feeling.

The LOUD Girl Movement project dispels the myth and celebrates the gift of being LOUD.


The LOUD Girl Blog centers the bold, passionate and honest expressions of Black women and girls with thoughtful examinations of ourselves, presenting original content and blog pieces, through our own unique, cultural lens.


LOUD Creator Thysha M. Shabazz, lectures and facilitates workshops on the following:

  • What’s wrong with a LOUD Girl?: Signature lecture and workshop on the identities and voices of Black women and girls in America

  •  Black Female Stereotypes: Origins and popular examples and ways to combat the stigma

  • My story: Thysha M. Shabazz, The LOUD Girl



  • Teaching guide: Essay: What’s wrong with a LOUD Girl?

  • Curriculum

  • Guidebooks

  • Presentation: Black Female Stereotypes


Creator, Thysha M. Shabazz speaking at NYUs Technical Assistance Center on Summer Institute

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